The Guest Schedule & Drop off/Pick up Guidelines

Here is an idea of the schedule we keep at the kennel.  

6am Guests are let out to stretch their legs and relieve themselves before breakfast.  They are separated in anticipation for the arrival of new friends and some go in for breakfast.

 7:30am-10am Morning arrivals are welcomed and grouped appropriately

Note:The earlier your pup arrives in the morning the better since generally a short rest break is given to the visitors around 10am and the kennel attendants can grab their midmorning snack.  

10:20am +/- playtime until afternoon naptime  

Naptime is 2 hrs beginning anywhere from 12pm to 1:30pm Dogs are moved inside to rest and some have lunch

Group play resumes around 2pm or 3pm

4:45pm departures are arranged to wait for pickup and some dogs go in to eat supper

5-6:30pm evening drops and pickups 

Very Important:

1. Please take note of the drop off and pick up times unless you have made special arrangements.  And note that any approved arrangements outside of these hours incur a $35 fee.  These hours are imperetive to keep so that we will be ready for your dog's arrival or departure.  Our schedule is also in place because an unexpected parent showing up can turn a happy play session into a lot of confussion with unnecessary rearrangement of friends which is a real bummer!!  As well as in the Summertime I do not want to send your dog home soaked right out of the pools.

2. For the safety of every dog, please do not ever let yourself into any play yard gate or the kennel building with out the permission and accompaniment of a Howling Hill kennel helper.  Peeking over fencing is not appropriate and walking around the perimeter of the kennel is off limits.  Please keep in mind you are not only visiting a business but our family's home.  

Thank you for your cooperation!