Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Howling Hill Dog Boarding Welcomes Fall & Winter

Howling Hill Dog Boarding is excited for the cool air months ahead!  Lots of reservations are coming in- all over the calendar even into December and January- 2017!!  There are lots of holidays coming up so get your pup's reservation in as soon as you have the dates sorted out.  

New customers- please be aware that kennel tours may not be available in these coming months since it is not always conducive to a busy kennel schedule.  Strangers walking through resting quarters of a full kennel adds stress to my visitors day.  Instead of settling into a familiar daily routine, it keeps the dogs wondering if it is their turn to go home.  Last minute kennel tours cannot be given.  However, last minute reservations are always welcome.  

Howling Hill is excited to care for your dog while you are away.  Your dog will be kept entertained and cozy this Winter.  Scheduled playtimes throughout the day with friendly social doggie friends, and warm resting quarters with bedding and blankets for naptime and overnight.  Please go over all of the information on the pages of this website and provide current shot records and your dogs own diet upon arrival.  Call and leave a message or send an email with questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  

Please take note that every visit to Howling Hill is considered an appointment.  If you need to drop off your pup or pick them up please let me know when you will be here.  When I do not have any appointments scheduled I just go about my dog chore routine, I do not open up the office and Howling Hill is considered closed.  The drop off and pick up hours are:  
Monday thru Friday  7:30-10 AM and 5-6:30 PM
Saturday  7:30-10 AM only
Sunday   5-6:30 PM only
If you would like to see the kennel or meet me and ask questions, please call 207-272-7917 to make an appointment.  

Please remember that when visiting Howling Hill you are also visiting my families home.  We deserve a certain level of privacy, as do the dogs that are visiting.
Please do not arrive unannounced. 
Please call, text or email when your plans change.
Please do not walk around our yard.
Please do not walk around and behind the fenced dog yards, and do not peek over the fencing or between spaces in the privacy screens.
Please do not peek into the kennel building window.
Do not ever let yourself into any play yard or my kennel building.
Please keep your children with you.
Please keep your dog on a leash or in your car until I am ready for them.  I will be right with you as soon as I can.
If you are waiting at the office and I am not visible, please do not look for me in the kennel or the play yards.  Do not come to my home and look for me.  If you have an appointment, I should be right along.  Please call me on the phone if you need me 
207-272-7917.  Honking your horn to get my attention is also fine by me!  
When office hours are over, Howling Hill is promptly CLOSED.  If you need to arrange an off hours drop off or pick up, it is to be scheduled and there is a fee of $35.

Most of this information and more can be found on these web pages.  Always feel free to call with any questions.  And, always feel free to call and check on your dogs while they are boarding at Howling Hill.  Please enjoy the photos on my Howling Hill Dog Boarding Facebook page.