Thursday, October 1, 2015

This is a Lifestyle! And that is what makes Howling Hill Dog Boarding different.


Howling Hill Dog Boarding is a small capacity kennel that is family owned and operated right here in our yard.  Because of this, when you bring your dogs to stay at Howling Hill you know that they are going to become familiar with their caretaker and develop a relationship of trust with us.  Our visitors become familiar with the dog friendly surroundings and the routine, and are able to settle in pretty quickly upon arrival.  We live right here on the premises, so we are able to keep an ear and eye on them through the night.

Howling Hill is tucked away privately in the woods. Up on our hill, surrounded by pine trees and a brook, a quiet, peaceful, perfect Maine setting.  Howling Hill is different from other boarding programs in that we provide dog boarding with a full day of play and activities for your dog.  At Howling Hill the environment is designed to let a dog be a dog!  That means the pups are allowed to run, jump, play, dig, get dirty and wet, play with lots of toys and fun dog playground equipment...they really just get to let loose while you are away.  If you sign your dog up for leashed walks, they will be happy to explore the many trails through the woods, swim in the clean, cold brook, or even discover the thousands of jumping fish at our beautiful Fish Hatchery down the road.  We are lucky to live and run our kennel in a true doggie paradise!

Many people have asked- do you ever have a day off?  When do you get a vacation?  Well, we manage to squeeze in a lot during our down days.  And when we got our first couple of sled dogs 14 yrs ago, we were happy to commit everyday to living, thinking, and loving dogs!  This is truly Lifestyle choice, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Hope to see you and your fuzzy buddy soon.  Love, Jessica