Monday, April 27, 2015

Stuffed Kong Toys for Naptime & Evening Enrichment

Howling Hill is happy to offer our boarders healthy and delicious stuffed Kong toys for quiet time enrichment!  We have been giving our own pups stuffed Kong toys regularly, and they love them more than any other toy or treat time, so I thought why not offer this option to the guest dogs as well.  They are offered at $2 each.

Some benefits of opting for a stuffed Kong during your dogs stay are to help with any anxiety or boredom they may experience during down time while you are away.  Not to mention that a stuffed Kong is an exciting and delicious treat.

We stuff the Kongs with yummy combinations of peanut butter, sweet potatoes, healthy biscuits or dry food, cheese, banana, carrots...etc.  Here is the recipe page from Kong's webpage.  Take a look and mix some up yourselves!  Your pup will love you for it!!