Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Story

Our family is here because of the dogs- in New Gloucester, on this page, and most everywhere we go, it almost always has something to do with dogs!
We had been getting into dogsledding and dog powered sports for about a year when we moved to Fish Hatchery Rd. from Portland in 2006.  This property was everything we were looking for.  It had lots of space for the kids to play down a beautiful dirt road and a sweet little home tucked in the woods.  And very importantly, it had a kennel for our Siberian Huskies.  

After a bunch of years of playing around with the dogs and dog equipment, the kids lost some interest in dog sports, and some of our pups got old and passed on.  The kennel was often close to empty while we rotated them by the bunch through the house for their turn inside.  I had an idea for my older boy's first job/homeschool project, to try boarding a couple of dogs through the Summer to learn to manage a little business, have some important responsibility, and to make some money.  So, Howling Hill was born!!  It worked out for him and he met some really sweet dog friends and their families- many that actually still visit today!!  Come Autumn he decided he was ready to give up the poop scooper for the most part and I decided to give the dog business a go myself.  

The rest is history!  Fine tuning the business, keeping you updated on the Facebook page, always meeting new friends, updating the kennel and expanding the play yards, playing all day long with fuzzies- it is more fun that I ever imagined.  I feel like a little girl playing house everyday!  We are so grateful to have met so many awesome dogs and to be able to share our cute little kennel with them while their families are away.  Thanks for stopping in to read our story.  
Hope to see you soon! Jessica and the Howling Hill Gang